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Either you're here by accident, in which case perhaps you were looking for "" or you're interested in A level Chemistry.

Assuming you're not after a meerkat toy then it would be as well to tell you what this site is intended to be for.

And what it not intended to be for.

This Wiki is intended to provide an examinations guide to Sixth form students studying AS level Chemistry (in the first instance) - expanding to A2 thereafter if I find the time.

It is not meant to be an alternative to textbooks or rival to other sites explaining how Chemistry works.

It will not allow you to sleep during lessons.

It is intended to give a concise explanation of topics already covered in class and to point out how questions on these topics generally appear in examinations, and how to approach them.

As it is relatively new there will be some red links - links to pages as yet unwritten. Hopefully, I will get get round to dealing with these eventually.

You may edit this site if you spot an error. These are probably inevitable, particularly spelling and grammar errors - all my English teachers were hippies who believed correcting such things was the preserve of Nazis.

Feel free to contribute your own pages if you have something interesting to add, but do so in the understanding that these pages may also be edited by others.

P. Swainson 30/12/12

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