The BasicsEdit

Sub-shell describes all the orbitals within a shell that are at the same energy. 

S sub-shells only ever contains 1 S orbital and a maximum of 2 Electrons.

P sub-shells always contains 3 P orbitals and a maximum of 6 Electrons.

D sub-shells always contains 5 D orbitals and a maximum of 10 Electrons.

F sub-shells are not examinable at AS or A2.

Exam HintsEdit

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  • Make sure you can do the same for the first row of the Transition Block for A2.
  • Make sure you can do the same for ions of the above by adding or subtracting electrons according to their charge.
  • And finally, make sure you can identifying an element or its ion from its full electronic structure.

The details of how to do most of these are on the electronic structure page.

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